Should Companies Speak Out on Social and Political Issues?

Social and political issues are not new, and social protests have been happening for centuries. What is new today is that customers expect companies to 카지노사이트 take a stand on social and political justice issues. Voting rights, the murder of George Floyd, social and economic impacts of the pandemic, and the storming of the U.S. … Read more

Hot-button political issues are having a chilling effect on public schools

Researchers at UCLA and UC Riverside today released a nationally representative survey of 682 high school principals, making clear that political conflicts affecting schools are pervasive and growing, with more than two-thirds of principals surveyed reporting substantial political conflict over hot-button issues. Almost half (45%) of principals said the amount of community level conflict during the 2021-2022 … Read more

More Money More Political Problems

Every American has opinions on how politics and elections should be handled. 카지노사이트 But our overarching distaste for even the simplest perceived flaws in our system has a very real impact: today, our nation faces its biggest backslide in voting in more than a century. To delve into the heart of this problem, political journalist … Read more

4A’s Survey Finds ‘More Risk Than Benefit’ in Brands Tackling Political and Social Issues

A new survey by the 4A’s and research partner SSRS found that while brands are more interested in values-based marketing, 카지노사이트 consumers mostly don’t like it when brands take on political and social issues. “Consumers are not looking to brands to take a position on political or social issues. In fact, there’s typically more risk than … Read more

Online course handles ladies’ issues in political support

The normal inclination for “solid” and “reasonable” male pioneers over “steady” and “empathic” female pioneers places ladies in a difficult situation since they are viewed as “excessively profound” and “unreasonable” for administrative roles.카지노사이트 In any case, these attributes are not totally unrelated along orientation lines – ladies can be unyielding and definitive similarly that men … Read more

Should Organizations Stand up on Friendly and Policy driven Issues?

Social and policy driven issues are not new, and social fights have been occurring for quite a long time. What’s going on today is that clients anticipate that organizations should stand firm on friendly and political equity issues. Casting a ballot rights, the homicide of George Floyd, social and financial effects of the pandemic, and … Read more